S15 Stack Dash

This Silvia S15 200sx cluster was built to house a Stack ST8130 Dash display Display. As usual the base plate is CNC cut out of 3mm carbon fiber for perfect fitment and an awesome look. The dash also utilized customer supplied warning indicators which surround the Stack Display. To navigate the display Stack provide you with 4 push buttons, but we switched them out for black aluminium halo ring push buttons with blue led illumination. The buttons were installed in a separate thinner sheet of carbon fiber for remote mounting from the dash. The cluster was wired in a plug and play configuration with only the new sensors (oil pressure, and temp) to be installed on the engine. The cluster was wired with factory connectors to plug directly into the factory loom and implemented one of our custom circuits to control the standard features of the vehicle that would no longer work when replacing the standard dash (door locks, demisters etc.. etc..)